Merrion House

Screenprint done of Merrion House, when it still had it’s brutalist look, before the modern renovations in 2018. Original architect was Gillinson, Barnett & Partners, and it was built in 1964.

Available as a card and print in my shop.

A few interesting facts (taken from

“Having more than 150 tenants, which include stores, shops offices, a bowling alley, cinema, dance hall, night club, hotel garage and filling station, and the largest car park in Great Britain for over 1,100 cars, the Merrion Centre qualifies as a city-within-a-city.”

A remarkable single feature was the new Mecca ballroom – – a £500,00 project – built to accommodate 2,000 people. The interior – also typical of the era – featured a revolving stage for a non-stop flow of music by a 15-piece orchestra and a resident group, there were ultra violet lighting effects, echo chambers and an electronic organ.